Healthy Wave Mat for Additional Healing

healthy wave mat for additional healing5 Synergistic Therapies

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Improve circulation
  • Enhance cellular regeneration
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Promote deeper sleep
  • Help promote healing
  • Detoxification
  • Reduce tension, anxiety and stress
  • Increase alpha brain waves
  • and much more!

Healthy Wave Mats PEMF Explained

  • Healthy Cells – Have Trans Membrane Potential (TMP) of about (-70) to (-90)millivolts (Otto Walburg Nobel prize winner)
  • For unhealthy cells TMP starts dropping. (-50) mv get chronic fatigue syndrome. Even lower for cancerous cells. For Inflammatory conditions TMP increases to higher values (-120 mv or higher)
  • PEMF improves ion exchange. Toxins flow out improving TMP balancing
  • More intra-cellular energy transfer occurs from the Transmembrane ATPase process.

Negative Ions

healthy wave mat featuresNegative ions are emitted naturally from the gemstones. Once you turn your mat on, even at 30°C (85°F ), the negative ion output is greatly increased. The output of negative ions varies from 300-3000 per cubic centimeter depending on the stones and temperature.

Photon Lights

The Red Photon Light is part of the light spectrum at a wavelength of 660 nanometers. It is known to provide positive healing effects. Your mat may come with the photon lights indicated by the red circular LEDs.


Healthy Wave Mat bases its PEMF technology on the specifications that have been proven to be most effective. There is PEMF of up to 3000 milligauss intensity, and a pulsed sinusoidal or square wave. Different controllers available depending on the model of mat. This combination brings maximum effectiveness with simplicity and reduces complications. It is also the combination that is most in line with Earth’s natural magnetic field, mimicking its frequency and intensity which is most compatible with our bodies’ natural biorhythms.


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